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Eileen107Eileen107 Posts: 94
I’d like to plant a tree to encourage birds in to my garden. Preferably to grow no taller than 20ft. Has anyone got any suggestions for me please? 
thankyou. Eileen 107


  • Birds love the berries on Rowan trees and some are not too large.
    We have an amelanchier that will grow to a maximum of 4m in height and breadth, has lovely bronze new leaf growth at the moment, followed by white flowers in April, then berries that the birds also love.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,423
    A vote for amelanchier from me too , the "Grandiflora" is a smaller type
  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 7,885
    I'd go for a crab apple - Evereste is a particular favourite. Smothered in white blossom in spring and loads of cherry sized fruit which start to colour up in August. The orangey-yellow fruits are retained on the tree through winter - often right through until Jan / Feb when the blackbirds have a feast. The berries can be used to make jelly and little clusters of them are a good addition to seasonal decorations.
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