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Lawn Care - Newbie help!!

For the last couple of years i've had a landscaping company treat my lawn for me but i'm now wanting to save a bit of money and do it myself, just wanted to make sure my thinking is correct below and please correct me if i'm wrong!!

Lightly scarify lawn with rake
apply moss killer - Green-up Ferrous Sulphate from lawnsmith
apply lawn fertiliser approx week later after light removal of moss (i dont have much!)

approx 10 weeks later apply lawn fertiliser again 

does that sound about right and the right way to do things?

appreciate your help in advance!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,627
    Yes to scarifying.   For the rest, read the instructions carefully about when ad how much to apply - time between cuts, temperatures, recent rain - and follow carefully.   Too much will burn your grass; too little will be a waste of time and effort; too cold/dry/wet, ditto. 
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