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Late flowering Chrysanthemums

nickharrnickharr Posts: 12
Hi there - last year I bought a dozen late flowering chrysanthemums, 6 of which I put in pots and the other 6 I planted in my polytunnel. They all flowered really well through November and December but they grew incredibly tall - the ones in the polytunnel had to be gently laid over a table and left to grow again and the ones in the pots would only stand upright when placed in the highest part of the greenhouse. After flowering, I cut the stems down to an inch or so of the base. The ones planted in the polytunnel have regrown quite a bit and are now a couple of feet high and the pot grown ones are 6 inches or so. My two questions are - should I have done something last year to stop them growing so tall and secondly should I leave the ones in the polytunnel to continue growing, take out the tips or take cuttings?
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