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Plant identification:

ElothirElothir Posts: 94

Just wondering if anyone might be able to have a go at identifying these plants (apologies for some of the pictures, not ideal I know).

The first 3 are all a couple of inches across at the most, except the long pointy and drooping leaf at the top of no.2 which is a bit larger (For reference the fallen leaves in some pictures are Pyracantha leaves if that helps with the scale). Pic no.4 is about 1'-1.5' tall and about twice that wide (but may be multiple plants).







  • berardeberarde Posts: 145
    I think the second is red campion. It does grow wild in hedgerows etc, and seeds , but in my experience only nearby. It is easy to pull out anyway, so I keep a couple of plants going and just pull out the seedlings. It is beneficial to insects and bees, and for me, not troubled by slugs and pests and flowers late spring thr' summer and also is fine in a shady spot. The flowers are pretty too. It's got a lot going for it
  • ElothirElothir Posts: 94
    edited March 2020
    Thanks for replying.

    I'm not sure really.

    I did wonder if some of them (the spoon shaped ones) might be Daisies or possibly Forget-me-nots but that singular leaf in pic.2 is a mystery to me.

    I also wondered if no.4 might just be an unusually large Mercury.

    If it's not too cloudy (or even too sunny) I might try and get some better pictures to do this properly at some point (these ones were taken in a rush).

    That or just wait and see or wait for the slugs to eat them and remove the issue for me.

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