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What Type of Fuchsia?

quarkradquarkrad Posts: 23
I have some large areas I would like to fill up with some fuchsia plants.  I often see large plants (3' tall) that would be ideal.  Two seasons ago I bought two plants and in summer they come out in full bloom about 7" high - lovely.  But over winter they become twigs and each spring I cut them back to virtually ground level and up they pop come summer.  As they die back to nothing I assume they will never grow large/bush like.  (I'm obviously a numpty re plants).  Can you give me some advise on what type to buy that will grow and spread to become a small bush. Thank you.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,079
    To get big shrubs you want the Magellanica types (small flowers but lots of them). A hard winter will knock them back some but you can just cut them back to where the new leaves start growing in spring. If they get bigger than you want, you can cut them back a lot harder. There are other hardy fuchsias that get to 3' high in a season but I don't know the varieties.  To be only making 7" growth, the ones you have are maybe the dwarf varieties, Tom Thumb or similar.
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  • quarkradquarkrad Posts: 23
    Thank you for you kind advice
  • 2 point 42 point 4 Posts: 60

    The following hardy fuchsias may be suitable,

    Mrs Popple - very vigorous upright form and quick to get going in the spring.
    Genii - paler/lime green foliage and tough as old boots.  There’s one in my garden about 5’ tall and it doesn’t object to being hard pruned from time to time.
    Hawkshead - another upright one with white flowers
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