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Amaryllis - will this ever flower again?

Bill_and_BenBill_and_Ben Histon, near Cambridge, UKPosts: 157
I was given an amaryllis bulb which I planted in November 2017 and it flowered gloriously Jan/Feb 2018. In the summer I put it outside, then in September I withheld watering and put it in a cool place (garage) for about 2 months. I brought it back inside in the November, cut the leaves off and started watering it again. By April 2019 it had grown 2 leaves about 20 cm high but no flowers.

So I repeated the cycle again this year but same thing - 20cm leaves but no flower.

Here is the bulb out of the soil - is it likely to flower again if I plant it inside or outside or shall I give up on it it?

My location: Histon, near Cambridge, UK

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