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Luzuriaga parviflora seeds (to US)

Hello, I have an import permit and am ready to I just need some seeds.  Anyone know of a source for Luzuriaga parviflora seeds?  They come from New Zealand, are not hard to grow, not threatened, and super cute.  All insight welcome!


  • It looks like you've been looking for this elusive seed since 2013...judging on a random search. Maybe the answer you got back then still stands, that it's not easy to grow by seed? Frankly it doesn't look particularly impressive a plant and surely must find something more appropriate for your location and climate that can take its place. Anyway, this is a UK based forum, so not huge amount of first hand knowledge of US horticulture. But there are a handful of contributors...let's see if they have anything to add.
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  • Good morning and thank you...yes, I've been looking for many years.  I have sprouted seeds of similar species, so not terribly concerned there.  This is definitely a case of 'Impressive is in the Eye of the Beholder'.  And I figure that you in the UK are THE BEST at horticulture and have managed to get unusual specimens from all over the world throughout must be there somewhere :).  
  • Ack!  Virtual Specimen!  I've worn out the pixels on my screen staring at pictures already.  Probably I should pack my bags and get to NZ for a look myself.  I have a plant-cousin, from Chile (L. radicals) that has tided me over for 15 years.  Even though they are remarkably similar, as a general proposition, the fruits of the radicals are orange and the fruits of the parviflora are white.  I brain tells me to mind my own business and garden both in my hardiness zone and with native plants, my heart tells me to get out there and hunt for treasure.

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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,626
    Maybe try to find suppliers in New Zealand and ask if they could source seed for you?  If it's not generally grown as an ornamental, they might not list it for sale.
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  • Thank you Jenny, I am on the task...have had no luck with this in the past, but I have some friends whose parents are down there. Once the lockdown is over and its safe to venture out, I'll see if I can source locally and get some into their gardens for seeds in coming season.
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 336
    Might be worth asking @MikesRarePlants if he has a source if you are on twitter?
  • Hazyb!  Thank you!  I don't tweet, but I'll find someone who does ;).  Kind regards!
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