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Pruning Roses

I have these 2 roses. Do I need to prune them or have I left it too late?  
If they need pruning, how much would I need to cut off and should the new growth be left or pruned? 
Many thanks! ☺️


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    I don't think you need to prune them but you may need to think about training them to their full potential so they will flower well in the summer months. The emphasis is to train them horizontal or diagonally rather than vertical.

    The top photo - may need need more trellis going towards the right side. You already have excess growth on the left. You can try to bend that slowly back round to grow back towards the right.

    Second photo, re-train and tie the branches to fill the wires already trained into a fan shape or even extend out to grow horizontally. If you continue to grow them upwards, you will end up with bare stems and no flowers lower down, but end up with all the (limited) flowering at the top. By tying and training them across, you will have better flowering lower down. The wires will need to be extended. 
  • thank you, they were only planted last year so wasn’t sure whether they needed pruning to then get more blooms or to start training them in a zig zag pattern. We’re going to extend the trellis and wires along now they have grown taller. 😊
  • GartenerGartener Posts: 99
    I am no expert but i think in terms of general rose pruning, you are just about ok. I wont leave it for any later than now.

    However the 2 roses in your pics seem to be climbing roses, which are not really pruned but thinned and shaped (once they are established). So for newly planted roses, i suggest training the longer shoots horizontally and thin out where needed.
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