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Beech hedge

JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783

Any tips on spacing a new beech hedge?

They’d be coming as 150-175cm plants, will they need staking?



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    There is a farm near our old house which was predominantly orchards nearer the house.  Their roadside boundary was a very narrow beech hedge - barely 9 to 12" deep and about 6' high.  The individual plants were also just 9 to 12" apart and kept neatly clipped. 

    Annevoie gardens, further up the country has thicker beech hedges - about 2' - and I noticed their plants were further apart and sometimes in a zig zag pattern for extra depth.

    I reckon the planting distance depends on how many plants you have to cover the distance to be planted and also how patient you can be to get the height you want.  The sooner they are pruned of their leaders the more they will bush out and provide a thicker hedge but the longer it will take to get height too.

    have a read of this -
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    Hi Tin Pot

    We planted a beech hedge a couple of years ago. We bought hedge that was about 1.75 m high. They came with canes supporting them so we left those in and we planted 50cm apart in a single row, I know there are other methods depending upon the thickness of the hedge you want. We have a very exposed site so we also tied each plant to a wire that spanned the length of the hedge to give the plants stability.

    We put bonemeal in the bottom of the hole covered it with top soil, then planted hedge sprinkling root grow around the roots, then filled in the hole. 

    Ours have survived and begun to thicken out, we have taken the top 15cm ish.... off to encourage lower growth
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