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Hi all, my 1st post so hopefully its not too stupid a question,  with spuds you get earlies 2nd earlies and main, does this mean I Plant them in that order and I should leave x amount of time between each planting or do they all go in at the same time and its the harvesting that goes in order, ie you harvest your earlies 1st then 2nd earlies then main,  I have already planted the aforementioned this week in different beds but I'm hoping I haven't done wrong


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,431
    You can plant them all at the same time. The earlies  take a shorter time to form useable spuds. Maincrop are left until  september or October to harvest, should be larger, and should keep throough winter. Earlies do not keep well.
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,813
    It depends where you are in the country but I go by the rule of any time after St Paddy's Day but like to get them all in by the middle of April at the latest, if I can plant them all in one go I will but if not earlies first etc, the sooner they are in the ground the sooner you can harvest them, bearing in mind late blight which can hit late June on wards when if it does hit a crop the haulms can be cut down and the crop dug up and used a couple of weeks later so in that event the earlier the seeds were sown the bigger the potatoes will be.
  • Brilliant thankyou 

  • SueG1SueG1 Posts: 41
    You don't even need to plant the whole potato... you might need it at some stage! Just a bit of peel containing the 'eyes' (shoots) will do it.
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