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Any ideas?

Help needed for novice gardener to identify these plants please. 


  • The one on the right looks like a rather battered pelargonium, to me.
  • Yes purchased end of season last year and left to sit there until now so looking worse for wear!! 
    Thanks i will Google that name.
  • Many folk call them geraniums. Bit if controversy with the name, as geraniums are technically the hardy perennial type that can tolerate cold winters, whilst pelargoniums are like your classic red ‘geraniums’ that you’ll see in the Med growing in many window boxes. These are thick stemmed and can freeze if left outside and unprotected in winter, unless you live somewhere mild.
    depending on where you live, give it a haircut once the risk of frost has passed, ideally just above where you can see new leaves emerging, to neaten it up a bit. If it’s in full sun, it’ll come back very quickly. They don’t like being overwatered and need free draining, but quite poor soil, something to consider if you’re planning to pot it up.
  • Thanks so much for that advice. 
    I recognise that name! 🤣 (Geranium)
    Will do as suggested as have 3 of them.

    Thank you.

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