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Help! I am not an experienced gardener and need some advice, please. Leatherjackets have completely destroyed my neighbours lawn and have now moved under the fence and are working their way through mine. Every website I have been on says that to treat with nematodes the soil temperature needs to be above 12c, so too cold at the moment. Any advice, while I still have some lawn left, please?


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145
    I think I’m right in saying they do most of their damage in the winter months. Application of nematodes is most commonly done in the September timeframe when the larvae are immature and the nematodes are more successful attacking them. You can do a Spring application but I think the general agreement is that the benefits and results are questionable. 
  • Try to encourage some birds into your garden. They also like to make a meal for themselves by pecking out leatherjackets.
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