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Jasmine doesnt flower very well


This is the second post regarding my Jasmine Officinale. It has put on some good growth over the last year, but o have noticed it doesnt flower a great deal. I can see they're forming, but they never actually open or display their white petals.

What am I doing wrong?


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    Did you cut it back like I suggested? Not only is that helping your plant to settle in and put down its roots, it will soon throw up more branches. It's a young plant and needs to settle down.

    Allow it time to get its roots into the soil. They need to bush/branch out more to be able to flower. If you did not cut back after they flowered last year, it will mean they extend into wiry stems with lack of flowers. They also grow better against a warm wall with no harsh wind when young, so it may take a bit longer to settle if it's planted in an exposed location.
  • Would it be worth cutting a bit more off it?

    I've noticed when planting other flowers that the mud about 200mm down is particularly compressed. Would it be worth lifting the rootball and softening all the mud beneath it or would that just cause damage?

    Thank you for your help.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Sounds like your soil is clay-based and quite compacted. If you have only planted this plant less than 2 years, it's worth taking it out and re-working the soil. They need decent drainage in their early years. It's totally up to you. Other option is to spike around your plant base with a sharp object when the soil is moist and top-dress more compost over the top inch, and continue to do that every year. Heavy soils usually require compost to help open up the structure and in time, making your soil more workable and easier for your plants to grow and thrive.
  • It has definitely grown in size, but it more vine-like as opposed to bush-like. I know it is a vine, but I guess it has focused on branching out, as opposed to flowering. 

    I'm apprehensive about taking it out incase I damage it...
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    In that case, leave it in and wait until late summer to trim it back a bit. The reason it is growing more vine-like is lack of pruning back when it is still young. The more you cut back, the more it regrows with more branching, which in time creates a bushy habit and then you can select the stronger stems to tie/train into the trellis. Even on heavy soils, keep an eye on watering during the dry spells, especially in the summer months. Young plants need the extra help in the first 2-3 years.
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