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Common comfrey

Since knowing comfrey is a great fertiliser I’ve got mad trying to spot on my walks. Is it right that the purple Russian varieties don’t flower yet? I found these today on my fitness walk and on looking up I think it is common comfrey. Do others agree? Thank you 


  • I have purple ones that have not flowered yet but just thought they were the common type. The one I have with paler flowers was sold as a named variety from a garden centre where as the ones I grew from seeds have the purple flowers. I think they were just sold as comfrey seed and don't remember them being described as Russian.
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    I’m not sure that the comfrey you’re have seen is the same as comfrey for use as fertiliser.  The comfrey on our allotment dies down completely during winter and is only just shooting now, doesn’t flower until later in the year and should be used before it flowers or a bit tough to rot down. I think it is Russian comfrey blocking 14.
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    Common comfrey - 

    There are also forms of comfrey with purpley flowers and others with variegated leaves.   They all die down in winter unless it's very mild and they all tend to start growing early in spring.

    It can be quite invasive in a garden if not controlled.  The Bocking 14 variety is sterile which at least stops it seeding.

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