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Leatherjacket / Clay soil



  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 92
    edited 13 April
    Just want to make sure I've done everything I can before I fertilise, seed and will get some multi-purpose compost to put on top (I only have Ericaceous) at the weekend which will be a week after I put the Nematodes down.

    Still more stones than I would like but hopefully it won't hurt, not as though the mower will go that low, just have to loosen the soil up again I guess before I put seed in.
  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 92
    Finally got some time to get my seed down today after having to stop to replace my garage roof. Seed all planted,  with some starter fertiliser, lightly raked then covered with compost to help keep the birds off and watered. Hopefully it's ok

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