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Baytree leaves

Some of the leaves on my baytree are curling up
and new buds are going brown without developing and some healthy looking leaves have fallen off.   There are strange patterns on the rear of some leaves.

Please can anyone help identify the problem and suggest a remedy.  I have sprayed it with both a fungicide and an insecticide. 
It is in well drained soil against a south facing fence.
Many thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    They don’t look like bay tree leaves to me. More like Euonymus Japonicus. There are many types, some smaller in leaf and growth. They are evergreen, so all leaves will eventually die off and new ones grow.  

    Leaf drop happens and any new growth that curls or go brown may be due to cold winds or hard frost overnight followed by hot day-time temperatures. The photos of the shrub looks fine to me. Shrubs will all have some blemishes, nibbles, and old scars from previous year’s pest attack. This is normal.
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