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Help to identify houseplant please :)

p10aanp10aan Posts: 3
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I have inherited a houseplant and frankly it doesn’t look very happy.  I don’t know what it is so don’t know how to help it.  All suggestions welcome!

Thank you


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,064
    Are they separate stems or growing from a shared stump? Can you describe what the texture of the leaves is like too please.
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  • p10aanp10aan Posts: 3
    Hi Wild Edges, I have attached some more pictures.  I hope this helps.

    Stems are separate but appear to share the same root system.  The leaves are smooth and even in colour.  

  • Could it be a Dracaena Limelight opening its new leaves? 
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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    What about Curcuma Alismatifolia, Siam Tulip. They are selling a lot of them in Ikea.
  • p10aanp10aan Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone, I honestly can’t be sure. It could be either of your suggestions, thanks for taking the time to respond.

    I might just have to put it in a new pot and see what happens.  From what I’ve been told it’s never really looked any different to how it is now .... I wonder if it’s secretly dead!!

  • Let's see what happens @p10aan it may surprise us all. Good luck. 
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