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Banana Plant issues

Having over the years I have put my 'Musella Lasiocarpa - Hardy Golden Lotus Banana' into my shed wrapped in a fleece for frost protection although we've had no frost to speak of.

Now I've brought it out, the soil in the container is still wet from the Autumn.

But my main concern is my 'Ensete ventricosum - Maurelii banana' I had last spring, I think is rotting.
Again the soil is wet from Autumn in its container and the leaves are wet and soggy with baby slugs and woodlice within the folds.

I asked a question in another topic regarding John Innes No3 holding too much water.

I've cut away as much of the soggy leaves in the hope of it drying out and surviving.
Would I do better removing the plant out of the soil and with another different soil.

The soiled used was John Innes No3 with 40/50% grit with a 50mm layer of grit in the base of the container, raised on feet.



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,661
    My E. maurelii goes in the ground (sandy soil)in the summer. In winter it gets old peat based tomato compost packed round it. We have had few frosts and it was growing. I cut the older leaves off and managed to slice through  the new growth.   The old leaves around the stem often go rotten, I cut them as low as they go.
  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld Posts: 140
    My soil is clay and boggy in winter, one of the reasons of using containers. 
  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld Posts: 140
    edited March 2020
    Today I removed the plant from its container.

    Surprisingly the soil was as wet as it was last autumn. So I removed as much soil carefully as possible from around the root ball without damaging the roots.

    I then mixed 50% of the removed soil with its grit and added 50% of a organic peat free compost. Mixed together and replanted the banana plant.

    My Musella Lasiocarpa banana plant has pups from last year.

    Should I remove the plant and do the same again with the soil and remove the pups, or leave them there to mature then remove them later and transplant into pots.

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