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Bare roots and rootball hedging

vvilcinavvilcina Posts: 6

Heading question here.. As all the shops closed and works have stopped, wanted to ask until when would it be possible to plant rootball or bareroot hedge? As the pot plants seem to be only options after spring but they seem to be not very busy and will need double amount to create hedge 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,852
    Bare root plants are best planted from autumn thru to late winter so they can grow new roots and get them established in the soil before they have to cope with providing sap - food/energy/water - to new foliage and flowers.

    By the time this Covid-19 situation is sorted it will be too late so you either have to plant potted plants to get your hedging and then keep them watered till next autumn or else wait till autumn which will only ba few months anyway.
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