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Outdoor Jasmine - Optimum pot size ?

I have recently purchased a large 8ft potted Trachelosperum jasminoides. It has obviously been at the garden centre for some time and looks pretty pot-bound.

We are planning to locate on a south facing wall so it so it can grow up the house.

Unfortunately however in this location we will have to replant in a pot rather than the in the bare earth.

I wondered if there maybe any optimum or min pot size we should be looking for, & in particular how much depth ?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,346
    Hi Paul
    These grow into huge plants.
    The best advice I think is a big a pot as you can possibly manage, use a good John Innes-based compost mix and ensure the pot is on pot feet.
    Try and not let the compost dry out (esp in summer) as it weakens the plant and then scale insects will often infest the plant.
    I did have one in a small pot (~20L) many years ago - it didn't do well and 2nd year leaves were yellowing, I planted in a raised bed in the garden, it recovered and grew very quickly-

    BTW broken or cut stems leak a milky sap which causes a rash for some people - just so you're aware. It's never affected me.
    Don't want to put you off as they are beautiful climbers with an almost overpowering scent on a warm evening.

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