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What should I plant here?

This mossy dark corner is not very nice, I'd like to plant something there to fill in the space. I was thinking buddleia but I don't know if that would thrive in the shade. 
What should I plant please?


  • If the conifer in the foreground has been planted nothing else will thrive there eventually as It will take all of the nutrients and moisture from the surrounding area. They grow into very large trees. 
    I would think ferns would be a good choice as a temporary gap filler.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,790
    I would also suggest ferns, but it won't just be shade that is the issue, but dryness.  The fence and shed will rob that area of most rainfall.  If it were me, I would plant something at the front of the area, such as your conifer, or an evergreen shrub, and then leave the area behind it empty.  Alternatively, you could make a feature of it, by having a water feature, a very large tall pot with something evergreen in it, and not actually plant anything in the ground.
  • The conifer has been there 2.5 years and has grown about 5cm. There's no risk of it preventing anything growing I assure you :)
    Are ferns about the only thing that's going to grow there then?
  • You get all the rain off the roof running down there so it's pretty wet a lot of the time. The fence sits on a small wall too and that traps the water. There's a slope down the garden, the bottom is wetter/takes longer to dry out than the top. That's not to say it doesn't dry out of course. When we had the drought, quite big cracks opened up, no problem watering some ferns with the hosepipe though.
  • EricsGardenEricsGarden Posts: 151
    I'd definitely fill that whole area with Foxgloves, lots and lots of them. Maybe a few Teasels too for a laugh.

  • micearguersmicearguers Posts: 614
    Actually to get something with height in there is quite nice, and Buddleia is tough as old boots, attracts insects, can be cut back hard. It's not a bad idea I think. There are several species to choose from. Alternatively I'd be tempted to think of a rose/clematis combination to grow over the shed, although thorny roses will hamper access there, and getting it grow out of the shade could be challenging.
  • Putting this on hold till I can get out to the garden centres and stuff. 
    Thanks for all the advice.
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