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Should I transplant them in the bigger cell? These petunias are 23 days 


  • LynLyn Posts: 22,838
    Are you running a business you must have more than 50,000
    If they were mine, I would thin each tray out just leave a dozen or even 10 in each module and cut the losses, then leave the others to grow on, they won’t do well cramped like that.  So, pull out the smallest and compost them. 
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  • KiliKili Posts: 1,079
    Wow, you must have had a heck of a lot of seed. Unless your planning to sell them commercially I would do as Lynn says.

    Good germination though well done

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  • 😁 I collected seeds from last year quite a lot and germinated them all. I would share to others. Thank you so much for your adviced🙏🙏
  • Maybe good idea to do as Lynn said, now all garden shops are closed in Switzerland. Corona crisis. Stay safe guys. 
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