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Cotoneaster cornubia - to prune or not to prune?

S110S110 Posts: 11
Hi All, We’ve got a 1 year old cotoneaster cornubia that’s put on some good height, but isn’t bushing out. It’s purpose is to screen next door a bit. I’m new to this type of tree so I don’t know how pruning would go with it. Any tips please?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    It’s still very young and will grow stronger each year. I would not plant this type of tree/shrub that close to the fence. It really needs to be a bit further in and away from the fence. They grow wide eventually. 

    You can start some light pruning back of the long whippy branches now, and that will help it branch more densely, but eventually they will get more dense in growth.
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