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Hubby brought me a small picea Christmas tree from Tesco.  It has been doing great but now it is turning brown and the pines are dropping off.  I have moved it from a warm room to a much cooler room.  Don`t know what else to do.


  • Picea are naturally forest trees so you have been over kind to yours. Too hot and dry indoors for it. You could try to move it outside, in a sheltered corner to see if it survives. If you want a huge tree growing your garden, you can then plant it out when it begins growing new tips. If the needles continue to drop it sounds as if it has died. 
  • Thank you for your help much appreciated.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,996
    Yes - it needs to be outdoors and getting some dampness. Bit of acclimatisation, as suggested, and make sure it's got enough water.
    It would also be worth repotting it [not too much bigger a pot ]  with some peaty soil/compost to give it a boost. If you plunge it into a bucket of water first to make sure it's thoroughly wet, that will give it a better chance. Once plants become a bit dry, it can be hard to rehydrate them properly, so that's an easier way of doing it. 

    You'll then just have to cross your fingers and see if it survives  :)
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