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New Garden

Hi everybody, new to this...
just bought my first home and the garden is a bit run down, I’m not really much of a landscaper but I would like some ideas on how I can renovate the space on a budget to accommodate my 2 young children. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,443
    Once you start mowing the grass it will look better.  The shed will make a nice playhouse, lots of coloured exterior wood paint  are available.  I think the fence panels probably need a coat of paint. I have seen some nice ones recently in  Cuprinol. Cuprinol are currently doing free postage.  Nice Magnolia, but I would put trellis against the wall with some climbers on such as clematis or honeysuckle.
  • Thanks for your reply.. I was thinking of maybe re turfing the whole garden to get rid of the mess at the top, trellis and some climbers on that wall is a great idea, I will definitely paint all of the exterior wood. Tanks again 
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