Panic buying in garden centre 🙄

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Tried to call my local GC to get a bit of earth and some roses.
The poor member of staff who answered the phone sounded so stressed - he said that all day, people have been panic buying fruit and veg, large pots and soil...
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     I don't get this. Do they think these plants are going to magically grow and produce fruit and veg in a couple of weeks or something?
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    People are stoopid, aren't they?  :D
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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    I will admit that l wasn't going to bother growing tomatoes this year as we were going on holiday to Dorset for a week and quite frankly l couldn't face the worry of having the NDN watering them.
    Haven't cancelled the holiday yet (end of May), but decided l may as well grow some, given the circumstances. Also bought a packet of mixed salad leaves. I wouldn't know where to start with fruit,  but having gardened for years l know it ain't going to happen overnight.  I think a lot of people are in for a disappointment. 
  • CheyngelCheyngel Buxton! Derbyshire, not Norfolk.Posts: 4,092
    Maybe they think it's like in The Sims.

    Plant an apple and four sim days later you have a ready to harvest tree! Magic innit.
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    Raids on alloments will be next..
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    Every year I grow tomato plants to sell for charity.

    I bought 300 litres of tomato compost before all this nonsense started. When all the self isolation stuff began, I thought I might as well carry on as usual, seeing as how I’d got all the seeds and pots and compost.

    So I’m going to give it a try. I might be able to rig up a table with a cold frame on it and leave a bucket for cash beside it. People usually come into the conservatory to buy the plants and have a chat.

    I have 114 of the little beasts all growing nicely in time for the Easter weekend....

    I have a suspicion that we are going to have a lot of tomato plants in our garden this year. Either that, or on the compost heap.
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    Compost and bagged manure is one thing I wished I had panic bought - all garden centres closed for the duration and my tomato and potato beds need topping up!
  • CheyngelCheyngel Buxton! Derbyshire, not Norfolk.Posts: 4,092
    I got my compost from Argos cause we don't really have a garden center here, and I'm not walking two miles to B+Q!
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