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Climber combinations

Hi, can anyone help a novice find the right climbers for my garden?

I want to grow climbers round 3 sides of my garden - North, East and West facing. Height to about 8 ft. North facing fence is about 6.3m wide, East and West are about 8m wide each.

I'd like a combination of an evergreen which also has flowers, and a second climber to grow amongst it with a different flower for contrast. Colour preferences are white with extra green or yellow as secondary interest.

My difficulty has been finding a combination of two plants that have the same pruning requirements, are suited for the space (ie. not a clematis that wants to grow to 10m high) and will do well and flower in the shade/part shade.

Thinking about evergreen Honeysuckle as one but open to suggestions. Would love a clematis as the second plant but can't find one that satisfies all criteria.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,022
    Hi @David.lifedrawing. There are loads of white/yellow clematis which would suit.
    If you take a look at the specialist sites - Taylors, Thorncroft and Hawthornes, you'll find plenty. Clematis are best if they're trained horizontally, rather than just allowed to grow vertically, so bear that in mind when you plant them. 
    You could use Pyracantha in the sunnier locations as the evergreen. They aren't strictly climbers, but will grow very happily against walls and fences, and have the bonus of berries later. Great for insect and bird life. They need minimal care, but are prickly, so it depends on how you use your garden.
    Depending on your location, Jasmines could suit too. There are some which are evergreen, but not fully hardy.
    If all else fails, you could opt for some of the variegated ivies. They tend to be less prolific than the bog standard Irish one, which can show signs of world domination, and needs regular trimming. Some have strong colour variegation, and provide a good foil for other planting.
    Honeysuckles can be tricky to keep in check against a fence too. They're more suited to scrambling over buildings/pergolas etc. You'd need to be vigilant with that.  :)

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