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Where do you buy your plants (UK)?

Does anyone have some recommendations for online stores to buy healthy houseplants that deliver in the UK. I'm mainly looking to purchase an array of large palm plants but would also like other species. 

Looking at the reviews on gardens4you and bakker and both seem to have a staggering amount of bad reviews. Interested to know if anyone has had experience with these sites or where other people shop for their plants.

Many thanks :)


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,841
    Bakker is known for poor customer service and poor quality plants.  There are often posts on here complaining.   Don't know Gardens4you.

    Crocus are good quality but a bit more expensive too.  Why not just go to a good local nursery or garden centre and see what they have so you can select your own specimens or maybe try the RHS Plant Finder feature on its website.  There will be specialists listed on that and an indication of which do mail order.

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    There are some long discussions on online plant buying here
    and here
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