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Are there any large purple or red leaves houseplants?

Hello everyone,

been lurking on these pages for years getting advice, it's my most visited forum out there! Was hoping you kind people might be able to help me find a tall (hopefully up to 1.8m or so eventually) houseplant that is ideally purple or red leaved, but failing that maybe something with very prominent white variegation. 

I'm basically looking for something to put between the monstera i have and the devil's ivy that will break up the colour. Ideally something with the red leaves of a red aglaonema, or if the purple or pink calatheas reached that size, oxalis triangularis, polka dot plant i love all these but they're tiny of course. I considered the red mambo ti, but the pink variegation only lasts a little on the new leaves. Same as the pink princess. I'm about to receive a purple colocasia but it's a bulb, could take many years to get big and they go dormant in the winter too and need cut to ground. I have a strobilanthes already on my other spot and its fuchsia undersides are beautiful and really do break up the greenness on that corner, so if no other suggestions come i could get a 2nd one of them but ideally something different would be exciting.

I've looked and amateur-researched for years with no luck, so maybe there is nothing like that out there but if there is I'm sure someone here will know! The room incidentally is bright but i can shade from direct sun.

Many thanks in advance!


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