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Novice looking for Advice on choice of plants

tim.j.shayestim.j.shayes Posts: 1
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Hi All,

I'd be grateful for some advice on what to plant in a couple of areas of my garden.

Firstly i have a small bank of dry and rooty soil, partly overshadowed by some large conifers but also with light from the other side. I would like to plant a summer/winter heather mix to create some colour and add a nice border to the lawn. I read that they are reasonably hardy. Does that sound a good idea or is there anything else that may look as good/better?

Secondly, i have some shaded space at the end of the garden which is mostly overshadowed by some large conifers and again is full of roots but with some quite peaty soil. I doubt grass would grow in the area so looking for some shrubs to create some small plots (if i can dig it over). Any suggestions?

Soil is generally quite acidic judging by the amount of Rhododendrons we've been fortunate enough to inherit.

Thanks all!



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