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Sowing Verbena Rigida Santos - need light or not?

gilla.walmsleygilla.walmsley Posts: 291
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Last year I grew some Verbena Rigida Santos from seed which I bought from Sarah Raven. I don't think I had a huge amount that were successful but those that were, were beautiful. The instructions from SR say they should be kept in dark to germinate which I did last year. I've just ordered some more seeds this year from a different supplier (Kings Seeds) - exactly the same, Verbena Rigida Santos - and those instructions say they DO need light to germinate  :/  Does anyone know which the correct method is?? 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,442
    *Bump*  :)
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,330
    I have some V Rigida crawling around around a rose bed and it pops up here and there. It's so vibrant. I've not grown it from seed though.
    Many sites including The RHS make no mention of light or dark needed for germination.
    Fair to say it's big brother V Bonariensis isn't bothered, they self seed everywhere in my garden.
    I think if it were me I'd try not keeping them dark this time.

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  • Thanks @Pete.8 - I love verbena of all kinds and the rigida is just such a beautiful colour isn't it. I'll do as you suggest and try some without darkness this time - thanks for the comment!
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