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Is this Hibiscus plant dead?

EricsGardenEricsGarden Posts: 151
Yesterday I adopted this Hibiscus plant that the original owner said isn't growing for her. We've got no experience with Hibiscus. There don't appear to be any leaves but there is something that looks like moss growing in some spots. The container it's in has some holes but very few so poor drainage. The branches are not dry and dead sticks in my opinion.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,130
    You'll need patience.  In my last garden - central Belgium and long cold winters - I sometimes had to wait till June till the first buds opened but then they would flower prolifically.   They were in the ground in very fertile alkaline loam soil over clay and had plenty of rain but were also exposed to very cold winds and long spells of -15C with -20C not uncommon.

    I expect yours will get going sooner but maybe not till late April or early May.  Worth potting properly or, better still, planting out to encourage it.

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  • TenNTenN Posts: 131
    Every year I look at the hibiscus and think, 'Is that dead?' They take their time. That pot does look a bit tight though.
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