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Indoor fuschia curling leaves!

Hi all!

Novice gardener here looking for advice on why some leaves on my indoor Fuschia plant have started to curl?
I did re-pot last weekend as the soil needed a refresh, and the compost i used was quite dry but I did water liberally when potting and for a day or so after!
Any advice is hugely appreciated, this plant has an unreasonable amount of sentimental value attached to it and I'd love for it to not die!



  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,587
    It's probably just reacting to the change.  Assuming it's indoors because it's tender, it will not like being either too dry or too wet so the best way to water is to plunge its pot in a bucket of water until all air bubble stop appearing and then let it drain completely before putting back in its cache-pot.  This method ensure the whole root system is adequately moistened but not drowning or sitting in stagnant water. 

    If the flowers are of the fat, blousy ballerina dancer type it will want to be in a well-lit position but not full sun.  If it had has the narrower, slender flowers it will enjoy full sun.  Either way, it can go outside once frosts are over.

    You can also take cuttings and thus create more plants as an insurance policy.   
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