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New lawn cutting advice

Hi all I'm new here,I moved into a new build at end of october so I assume the turf lawn was laid either end of august or sept or beginning oct.
The grass is over 6inches tall,I want to give its first ever mow but if i stand on the ground it feels spongy and sinking into the ground but more spongy?what should I do?continue to cut?or wait until whatever happends.any advice is appreciated.thanks


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,966
    Hi @Nd850
    I'd be inclined to wait until the ground is more favourable. You'll only compound any problems if you go on it while it's soggy. Most people are in the same position, so don't worry about it too much :)

    The first cut you give it should be quite high, ie don't take off too much. If you take off too much, it weakens the grass a bit, and that makes it easier for weeds to take hold. If you take about a third off initially, you can then gradually get the height down over a period of a month or so, depending on conditions. The best way is always to cut little and often. Regular mowing through the season [once a week or so] will benefit the grass.
    One of the problems with new builds is that often the ground is badly prepared. Lots of builder's rubbish, and compacted ground from men and machinery, and then they chuck the turf down on top, so you may find some problems later with the general drainage. 
    You can always come back for further help if that's the case.
    It's a very common query on the forum.
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Nd850Nd850 Posts: 2
    Thanks for reply,I noticed my drainage is good but my neighbours grass is waterlogged,I will also aerate it soon.i will leave the cutting for end of march/start of april
    I agree with FairyGirl 

    Make sure before you decide to mow your new lawn, you have at least 2/3 days of nice dry weather in a stretch, find the best weather app . 
    Check your lawn mower ( if old ) the blades are not blunt, sharper they are, nicer will be your cut . 
    Don't Mow the lawn very short, rather set it very High ….so that your machine doesn't cut to much of the grass off ( check lawn mower manual ). Try to refrain from heavy walking/running often on your new lawn for the first 2 months, till the grass roots are well established in the soil. Don't leave to much of grass clippings behind on your new lawn . 

    Happy lawn Mowing 
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