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Rose bush?


just a disclaimer I’m very new to gardening so I have very limited knowledge but would love to learn more

this time last year I moved into my flat that had a very overgrown garden so I had a huge purge to start again see below

I cut a lot of plants back because I had no idea what they were. This plant grew back and I think it’s a rose bush (pic from September) but it never actually flowered. Now it’s just begun to sprout leaves again but I’m wondering how I care for it? Is it a good idea to put on a trellis or just shape the bush I really have no idea?

thanks in advance 


  • BennybenBennyben Posts: 6
    Oops last picture didn’t load 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,329
    your rambling rose won't flower if you keep cutting it back, so you need to keep all that growth and you should see flowers this June/July...  I think it's one called American Pillar, and should have pink flowers with a white centre...

    After it has flowered, which only lasts a few weeks, you can then cut it  back as much as you want.. then you must leave it grow back again until the following summer.. if you want to keep it that is...  best of luck...  you've done a nice job with your garden refurb..
    East Anglia, England
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