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Buddleia globosa - older tree to prune

I have a 3m high Buddleia globosa - this is a tree rather than a large shrub.  It's looking rather bedraggled and over the past couple of years has suffered from some sort of leaf damage - looks like something is eating the leaves and bit like viburnum beetle damage - and has hardly flowered.  As it is by the side of my main patio I'd really like to get it back up to scratch this year.  All suggestions gratefully received.


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    Hi @bailey.vermeer  and welcome  :)

    Most types of buddleja can be cut hard back at this time of year ... I did mine this morning  o:)  HOWEVER buddleja globosa is one of the exceptions as it flowers on wood made the previous year. 

    This should help

    "... Buddleja alternifolia and Buddleja globosa bloom on stems made in the previous season, so cutting back in spring would remove the flower buds. Neither should be hard pruned – instead, cut out a selection of the oldest branches completely in midsummer..."

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