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Can Bay Trees survive on a shady doorstep?

I have been researching potted plants recently that would look good as a pair on a doorstep. The doorstep is under a canopy, not subject to windy conditions but has limited to no direct sunlight all year round. I live in Surrey so the temperature in winter shouldn’t get too far below zero. I am wondering whether a pair of Bay trees would do well in these conditions? The variety of Bay tree I am looking at currently are Laura’s nobilis such as seen here:

I am not set on getting a pair of Bay trees particularly so any other suggestions for similar evergreen potted plants that would do well in these conditions would be welcomed.

Many thanks.


  • B3B3 Posts: 24,505
    I would say if they're under a canopy, you are solely responsible for watering them. You must do it even if it's been raining  for a fortnight!
    You will need to turn them regularly, to make sure that they get enough light evenly. It's not the ideal site.
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  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Also, properly big pots.
  • I don't think bay would be happy in the shade. What about holly? My daughter had a standard variegated holly in the shade by her front door which did very well until she started forgetting to water it. Container plants do need a lot of watering....
  • Thanks for your responses. It is a shame the consensus seems to be a Bay tree is not suitable. I can see you can get lollipop holly trees for doorsteps and my only concern is that they are quite seasonal i.e. tied to the festive season. I suppose my only other option is to buy artificial but I hoped I could find a hardy plant instead.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,798
    A holly is for life .., not just for Christmas 😉 
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  • B3B3 Posts: 24,505
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    Plastic trees look - plastic.  Try the holly. You can even get ones without prickles 
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