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Dahlia Tubers just received

Hello, I have just received from Sarah Raven more Honka Fragile which were pre-ordered last year.  These tubers were separated from a set and a couple are very soft.  Will they take if placed in a separate pot on their own ??


  • robiwanrobiwan Posts: 206
    unlikley as they have no stem or eye to shoot from :/
  • :'( Thanks Robiwan will throw them
  • Hope you asked for a refund too @StillLearning
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  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,032
    Try Peter Nyssen next time, excellent, large tubers and usually cheaper. There is always one or two that break off the bunch, but that looks pretty bad. For some reason SR dahlias have a bad rep, often not flowering or even sprouting or turning out to be an entirely different dahlia. I believe her plants are usually really good, so don’t know why that is the case with the dahlias...
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  • Thanks Nollie, will try PN for my next order - have bought from SR before but in 2 litre pots which have been OK.

    Noted George in process of raising a refund

  • Have just heard back from SR and they are sending out in May 2 x 3ltr pots of the dahlia's in May.....  If they arrive I must say their customer service is good.... 
  • They have a good reputation, so I'd think that will be the case @StillLearning result.
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