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Is this amarylis?

Just caught our cat chomping on this. She’s only just started going out now it’s warmed up, and we only moved a few months ago. Things are starting to shoot up but no idea what most of it is. She’s always been a big grass eater but eating loads everyday lately, so I’m wondering if she’s eaten something nasty as that’s a classic sign.  Thanks


  • It looks like hemerocallis aka day lilies...which are toxic to cats. We totally need a photo of the naughty cat 😉
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  • Looks like I’ll have to dig them up there’s definitely bite marks on them! Plus she’s got this weird cough / sneeze thing going on like there’s grass stuck somewhere. She’s almost 17 but very cheeky still. Here she is after the cereal milk - a daily ritual 😀

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    I've had cats for the last 50 years and hemerocallis plants for the last 40 and never a problem.  However, if yours is chewing them it may be best to get rid as they are toxic if eaten and will affect her liver.  Symptoms are drooling, loss of appetite and vomiting, not coughing so maybe there's another problem.
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  • not sure if she has every swallowed any but have dug them up anyway, they were hiding everywhere but that big clump is where she usually sits. Thanks for the advice :)
  • She's very cute @justinexyz 549 but bless them they can be such persistent creatures 😉
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