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Moving cordelines

WilderbeastWilderbeast East YorkshirePosts: 1,410
Hi all I've been offered the chance of 5 big cordelines about 5/6ft tall not sure of species but there a deep burgundy colour. My question is will moving them be successful, ive never done this before (with a cordeline) so tips for best success are greatly appreciated


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,261
    My understanding is that they have a deep " tap root" and don't move well.
    If they're going free , you might as well have a go.
  • WilderbeastWilderbeast East YorkshirePosts: 1,410
    Thanks hostafan yes me thinks it's worth a go as they would look great in my tropical area. Will try to remove with a very big root ball and hope for the best.
  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173
    I've just moved (ok, so re-potted) one today.  It's mature - though not as big as yours (probably about 4ft).  

    I removed it from its pot with a large rootball (not a tap root that I could see).  I made sure that it was well watered beforehand, and then gave it a good drink in its new home.  

    I've done this previously, though not as large a specimen as this.  I have high hopes that it will love its new, snazzy pot!

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997
    edited March 2020
    Agree totally with Hostafan1 ; the taproot will only develop in open ground though .
    Going fairly deep they can be extremely difficult to move ; the more general root-system can also prove very 'trying' .
    I removed a very large one from my garden after the frosts of 2009/10 ; I used a heavy mattock to take out the main root , but even now it still sends up new stems every year.
    I surmise some of the root survived .
  • WilderbeastWilderbeast East YorkshirePosts: 1,410
    So I've dug up the big cordelines today and indeed they have a gigantic tap root about the same size as the trunk !!!. I did dig well down but found that the tap roots snapped with only minimal leverage. So it's replanting time and fingers crossed, a 50% survival rate will be lucky I think.
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