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Box Moth

lily6lily6 Posts: 79
Has anyone put their box moth pheromone traps in the garden yet? 


  • Wonder if anyone had any notable success with them. Only have four clipped balls of buxus left...would give those traps a go if it led to a lower caterpillar population. Eventually I'll swap them for yew ones...better start saving 😉
    To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
  • lily6lily6 Posts: 79
    Hi amancalledgeorge, I have alot of buxus topiary in my small garden, only had 1 trap to cover the area and we caught at least 200, maybe more! I bought 14 pheromone traps for the gardens I look after and had great success. Two of them were a different type that had water in the bottom, caught the least moths in those, so consequently those two gardens suffered some damage. I didn't buy them until early May last year and can't decide when to bait the traps and put them out. 
  • Thanks @lily6 good to know they worked...may try one this year and see if it helps. Most of them are advising getting the out in early April...better get a move on! 
    To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
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