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Advice please?

I have a  hedychium that I grew  in a large pot last summer. It did really well and flowered and in fact is still quite happy in it's pot outdoors in a south facing spot . I live on the south coast so have not had extremely cold weather this winter. It still has all it's foliage  but should I cut it all off to encourage new growth. When it was previously planted in the soil it died back in the winter. Advice please ?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,080
    I used to have a clump of Hedychium coronarium ; this survived outdoors until the Winter of 09/10 took its toll . Very well-drained soil is favourable to them .
    Your foliage will have survived as it has been so mild . If mine I would remove all foliage about now to make space for the new .
    The old leaves will probably start to decay in the Spring anyway .
  • Many thanks, I will chop it all off...ironically since posting my question the foliage has started to change colour !
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