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toad spawn - have you got

I checked my pond this morning and there's a football size lump of toad spawn ... is spring really on its way.  will be watching it closely again this year.  anyone else got any


  • BijdezeeBijdezee BPosts: 1,484
    Are you sure it's toad spawn? Toads have long strings as opposed to lumps of spawn like frogs.

    I would love to have toads here but I've never seen any in over 3 years. Used to see them regularly in my previous garden. 
  • floraliesfloralies Haute-Garonne SW FrancePosts: 1,797
    Yes it will be frogs spawn. I get toad spawn in my pond and it is in long strings wrapped around plants.
  • Hi guys 

    Yes you are all right its frog spawn and its a good cluster at that.  I got slight confused as we have had a number of toads around the garden in recent weeks thinking it was those.   Well fingers crossed they all do well .
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,422
    Maybe the toads are checking out the area once the frogs have left!
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  • Not yet in Surrey but I’m checking every day, can’t be long !!!! 

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