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Time to kill off..grass like weeds?

Hi All,

Random question for you.

Our garden isn't the most plentiful in terms of having places to plant and grow vegetables, and as such last year we bought two 'Hippo' bags, quite large ones, and grew lettuces, carrots etc in them and it was fun.

Towards the end of the season i dug up aload of... well what looks like grass, but not, if that makes sense. I turned it over, cut it up and buried it in the Hippo bags.

Having left it over the winter, it didn't die as I'd hoped (I'm new to all this gardening), but in-fact it has flourished...

My question is, if i covered the bags in some black tarpaulin and weighed it down with stone, and left it for 4-6 weeks, would that be enough time to kill it all and and therefore nourish the soil and allow planting? Or am I best to try and remove as much of it as I can and dispose of it some other way?

Thanks in advance.


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    I think it's best you post a photo of the 'grass-like' weeds. Sounds like something that definitely needs the roots removing, rather than chopping up and turning over.
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