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Perplexing Rubber Plant Problems!


So i've been having some problems with my Rubber Plants. They were kept in a fairly average light room - and they were possibly slightly over watered. One started drooping, and it became clear that it was over watered. I then was recommended to repack the soil and repot - which I did. This immediately caused the leaves to droop and half of them to drop off. This is the plant photographed on the right. It has been this way for around 6 weeks - with the leaves drooping but still maintaining most of their colour.

The second plant (photo'd left) seemed like it was also slightly over watered and has drooped. Only one leaf has dropped off.

The soil feels quite moist on both, but I'm keeping them with the ability to drain on these trays.

Essentially from searching online, these plants are both overwatered and underwatered - so are there any experts on here who can help?

It'd be heavily appreciated!!


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    *Bump*  for any house plant experts  :)
    Edited- apologies, l see this was posted twice and @amancalledgeorge has replied on the other thread. 
    More tea required :blush:
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