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Rose leaf eater - in February

Something is taking chunks out of the new leaves on a rose in a planter by my front door - see photo. The pale brown marks on the leaf may be a clue. At the end of last autumn the rose was completely leafless and I hoped the bug would die out. Clearly not. Can anyone identify the eater and, more important, suggest a way to get rid of it without damaging other wildlife.


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 2,562
    @triciakate Just bumping up your thread so you may get a response. :)
  • triciakatetriciakate Posts: 18
    No wisdom from on high so I took a punt and sprayed my rose with dilute washing up liquid. Either it worked or the bug had already died. This is the rose in mid May. More flowers than it has ever had and lovely healthy leaves.
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