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Trailing indoor plant?

FireFire Posts: 18,114
I'm looking for a trailing indoor plant that can get quite long (one metre plus) and doesn't need any direct light. I'd like a pot on top of a bookcase; Something like a spider plant but more interesting. My house doesn't have many window ledges. The position would be away from a window, but not dark, even temperature and humidity.

Also, are there any indoor plants that would thrive on a bookcase about 1.2 metres over a radiator? I don't know of plants happy with radiators.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,739
    edited February 2020
    Tradescantia? philodendron? plectranthus?
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,165
    Tradescantia zebrina was my first thought

  • FireFire Posts: 18,114
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Bob looks like he gets quite a bit of direct light - is that right B?

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,847
    I have an asparagus fern in the corner opposite the windows in our living room and perched on top of a display unit.  No radiator but it is a warm room.

    It's perfectly happy as long as I remember to water it.   It throws out long fronds which I keep trimmed to a metre long because one of the cats gets playful when it hangs lower down.
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  • How about the "string of pearls" plant. Don't know it proper name, but it has always looked interesting to me.😃
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,813
    The latest edition of the RHS magazine, The Garden, has an article on hanging and trailing indoor plants. Most recommendations are for sunny windowsills though with just one for lower light levels - a fern Platycerium bifurcatum.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,178
    My local Morrison's has loads of indoor trailing plants in at the moment. Only £5 for nice plants in hanging baskets. The pothos types seem to do fine in lower light levels. I've got a few around the house in various places and they seem happy enough wherever you put them.
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  • FireFire Posts: 18,114
    Thanks for all your thoughts. 🌱
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,014
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    @Fire. No not at all. He's in a wide-ish alcove in the far corner of a south facing room. He gets plenty of light, but not direct. The sun doesn't reach that far.
    Here's the link
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  • FireFire Posts: 18,114
    Thanks @B3 - what is Bob?
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