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Nectarine growing in the UK, SW? Does it work?

Has anyone had any success with growing nectarine outdoors in the South West?  I managed to get one growing which is currently 2 foot high in a pot and budding nicely :)  I think it would be happier in the ground and have recently taken on an allotment, so was planning to plant there.  It was a sunny, s-w aspect and ideally I'd like to espalier against a trellis.  I've noticed that it has been prone to leaf curl over the past few years ... and unfortunately I've never seen it flower yet.
any tips would be welcome and I'd love to hear of any success stories :) 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,010
    To prevent leaf curl you need to protect it from fungal spores carried in the early rains.

    Have a look at this -

    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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  • mollismollis Posts: 151
    I have a nectarine grown from a shop bought fruit. It's in a large pot.  It flowered in its 3rd year and I had several fruits. I hand pollinated with a paintbrush.

    It lives in a frost free greenhouse over winter and goes outside after the threat of frosts. 

    The fruits are sweet and nice to eat but the birds took an interest last year do  I'll protect them as they get near to ripening.

    I live in the south east UK.

  • I have a nectarine in the small unheated greenhouse and it fruits like mad. The peach Rochester is outside and sheltered by a veranda that fruits prolifically. peaches are slightly hardier than nectarines. When I let the peach get rain on it, it was covered with peach leaf curl. It was fine with the winter. I think you could risk the nectarine outside on a south aspect Wall but You would have the problem of peach leaf curl. Here in the south west I seem to get really severe black spot and I got bad peach leaf curl till I put it under a cover. Bordeaux mixture is no longer available to use. It’s a bit of a job but for me I think it’s really worth it as I can no longer move pots about. Valerie 
  • Thanks to all, for your advice which has given lots of food for thought and highlighted the need for more research instead of outdoor planting! Thanks for the links to relevant articles and I think the greenhouse beckons to my poor nectarine of 4 years!  Here's to a fruitful year for us all!
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