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Laurel planting location advice



  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109
    @Songbird-1 no sorry. Not the distance apart...the depth of the actual hedge from front to back side, if that makes sense. 
  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 1,637
    Ah sorry about that. We’ve planted ours about 18 inch from a wall and a fence panel.
  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109
    No problem, that's very useful @Songbird-1 . I'm hoping to plant between 12-18 inches myself. Was worried it might be a bit crammed. 

    Just to clarify. Is the centre of the hedge 18 inches away from the wall? Or is there a gap of 18 inches between the back of the hedge and the wall?
  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 1,637
    @mattgarden, I’ve actually had a quick look through the window and the one near a fence isn’t that far away, sorry. It’s more like  8 inches or so away from fence. The gap is from the planting hole to the fence. oUr fence is a solid fence so there is no danger of it overlapping a neighbouring property. If yours would, bring the planting hole in a little further onto your property and then this will allow for a nice “ full round” growth area. Hope this makes sense! 
  • mattgardenmattgarden Posts: 109
    Certainly. It does. Thank you so much. So your planting hole is 8inches from the fence and the hedge grows up to the fence, then out as far as you like onto your property?

    I'm guessing the 8 inches is to the centre of your planting hole? Eg the trunk of the plant. 

    I think I will do similar thank you. 
  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 1,637
    That’s about right, yes, but What I do @mattgarden is to put the pot on the ground about where I want it and push the pot abit down and jiggle it about to make an impression in the ground. If in wrong place, I try somewhere else. Then lift the pot and dig a hole there. Try that about 8 inches or so from fence line and see what it looks like, if too far out, move it backwards. 
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