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Mullein seeds or plants.

Hi all, new person with a question.  I'd like to grow some mullein for tea in my garden.  First off does anyone know if it will cope outdoors in the north east of the UK? And also where one might obtain a plant or seeds?
   Any help muchly appreciated.  Thanks JoJo.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,425
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    From Chiltern seeds

    Verbascum thapsus

    Aaron's Rod, Common Mullein

    RHS Perfect for pollinatorsAttractive to pollinators
    An easily grown native biennial plant with white, hairy, velvety leaves with long dense spikes of yellow flowers. The wool was once used for lamp-wicks. 3ft (90cm)
    Price: £1.80 per packet of seeds

    There are various verbascum varieties available as plants, but I think what you need is this wild variety.  The hairs on the leaves can cause irritation so make sure you strain it through a fine strainer or muslin.

     Whatever you do, don't mix up the leaves with those of digitalis, the foxglove.

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